The Dragon of FEAR

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The mounting FEAR being felt among, not only those in the path of the hurricane, but those anticipating being in the path and those who have loved ones in the path of the hurricane is growing larger and large every moment.

Make no mistake, there is a direct correlation with the storm’s growth in intensity and the broadcasting of updates on the news. I watched silently yesterday as the Maria “grew” from a category 2 to a 5 within a few hours. How?

Well, let’s visualize a spark of fire. Fire needs oxygen to grow, right? Now let’s imagine the storm is but a spark of fire and FEAR of the storm is oxygen. With every announcement and update being broadcast to millions upon millions of humans around the globe, the fear of the storm growing larger and coming towards them, became larger and larger. Oxygen that fed the spark creating a full on raging inferno. With each storm update, memories were triggered from the photos and aftermath of the most recent destruction of Harvey and Irma. FEAR grew again.

Now let’s imagine fear is a magnet. The strength of this magnet of thoughts is actually pulling the storm towards the growing level of fear in the area of concentrated fear.

Our missions have been affecting the storms, but look at the millions of minds laden in fear who are countering our efforts.

So tonight, instead of focusing on the path of the storm I ask that each one of you send LOVE to the storm, to Mother Earth and most of all to all those in fear.

This mission is two-fold:

Throughout the day every time you hear the hurricane brought up, just take a deep breath close your eyes and say “I love you,” sending that love to the storm. See the storm calming, feel the vibration of the people settling.

Then tonight, before you go to bed, hold a crystal in your hand and imagine the golden healing torus of energy around you (see photo below). Take a deep breath and fill the torus with your love. Now…keeping your torus in place, visualize concentric rings of vibrating love coming from the torus and being sent to the storm and to all the projected paths of the storm (second photo below).

Place your crystal in your pillow case and have sweet beautiful dreams. All is well. God’s will is LOVE. God’s will be done.

Please log into the comments below, your class code and if you would like to join in this mission of LOVE.

In love and eternal light,


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