Interesting full moon energy abound, isn’t it?

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A dear friend and fellow member of a Facebook group I am involved in asked me to share a post I made on Facebook to my blog for others in need of relating to or making sense of things going on in their lives. I wrote a lead-in and the post is below!

Enjoy…or not!

I wanted to take the time to write today. The energy of the last several days and weeks has been a bit chaotic. I feel everyone spinning and wanted to share a glimpse into my world as a way for others to see you are not alone. I see into the coming days a settling is about to occur, so take heart!


For those of you who have read my book, “When Angels Dream, Book of the North,” you know the awakening of the Legendary 144,000 Light Bearers is upon us. As a matter of fact the purpose of the book is to find said humans who are scattered around the planet and guide them to work together.

In any other age of man this could potentially be a long and arduous task, but in this age of man we have the internet! And…Facebook! So, Archangel Michael guided us to create a Facebook group to put the call out around the world to bring the Light Bearers together. We called the group “Project Angel Knights.” What you will read below is my post to the members this morning. It comes after much discord and negative energy flared within the group. The group was to be shut down because of lack of respect for the guides, moderators, members, Archangel Michael and quite frankly the members themselves. EGO was off the hook out of control and it seemed as if nothing anyone said was helping quell the frenzied energy. Our core motto, from the book, is “When you think you know you don’t, and when you know you don’t, you do.”

So many wonderful souls rallied to keep the page and group open. Last night after many hours of meditation and reflection I came out of the Stargate and saw a blue orb light floating and zig-zagging back and forth around the castle at the tree line. It was a sign for me and I told Sir Edward what I heard. “Keep the group going. They are true. They will prevail.”

My post to the members is below. I tweaked it for this blog a bit but here goes:

I’m happy to say we were told to keep the group together. There are so many sweet souls in the group…and I don’t mean just those who have been 100% positive all the time. The broken and weary, the sad and confused, the seekers and finders, and yes, the combative, they, we, are all God’s children. I love you all and am better for the knowing. I learned much from the negativity and the positivity.

Full disclosure, if you haven’t already read this about me somewhere: I don’t like discord. I know, I know, I hear some of you out there thinking, “Who does?” Well, there are some who do and that’s okay with me. I honor their path and desire. But even though I don’t like it, I learn much from it. I have seen posts where people have commented “my vibration is being brought down by this group”, “the negativity in this group isn’t conducive to me putting out the energy needed to help.” Well, if any of those statements are true for you, then it would be best to #1- leave, or #2- let go and learn.

Over the years, I have learned much and am still refining myself, but, I have to say, it is an extremely RARE situation indeed where I allow my “Vibe” to be controlled or affected by anyone. If we are to be who we say we want to be, whether it is Light Worker or Angel Knight or just a random citizen who wants the world to be a better place, then you must be able to NOT allow yourself to be affected. You are in control of you, no one else, no matter the situation. Your perception creates your reality. Don’t give your power away to anyone else for that purpose. If your energy is being affected or has been affected by this “group’s energy” then you might choose to be open to learn how not to let that happen. Maybe there is a group or textbook out there to help you with that? Oh, wait… Yes, I know one! You are in it.

Going forward, pretend that all your knowledge which has built the home you currently live in, has been flattened, and become the FOUNDATION of YOU. Now, with every word and lesson in the book and every meditation, mission or post on the Project Angel Knights page, see them each as bricks to build a new home. One where you honor your knowledge and wisdom gained thus far, as the base and the new information as the walls. Learning spiritual practices is like learning Math. If you are in 1st grade and have learned addition and subtraction and think you know all there is to math, you are right. And that is how far you will go and stay. If you know you have learned the foundation and want more, then proceed to higher levels of math with INFINITE possibilities.

Take the lid off your thinking, and grow.

Going forward, there are still certain to be bumps along the way. All I ask is that we play nice with each other.

Here are a few guidelines to live by while interacting on this page:
1. Do the Wizard math you learned in the book and become a child full of wonder and awe open to learning. Life is much happier that way!
2. Be kind to each and every living thing you encounter throughout your days. Try to remember not to react but to take a deep breath before you respond.
3. Read all posts and comments 3 times before formulating a typed response.
4. We are all mirrors to one another; lessons to help us awaken and grow. Be grateful, not hateful!
5. Remember when you think you know, you don’t, and when you know you don’t you do! Humility!
6. You cannot love or respect anyone else unless you give those gifts to yourself first!

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