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Today’s wisdom…

After walking the lake and enjoying this God-given day, I was given a message for everyone. It dovetails with lessons in the Master Studies program I’m currently teaching.

Our thoughts have power and they create our reality. Our lives are what they are from our own doing, from our own thoughts and perceptions around each and every issue, each and every moment, each and every breath.


The first angelic messages telling you to decide to be happy now (yes happiness is a decision) and giving thanks for the joy, all you have in this moment. Being grateful keeps you grounded and chases the blues away.

The second message of being guarded and protected is coming through very strong. Remember we are never alone, EVER! Thanking God and the Angels for that protection,guidance is something we should do every morning.

Lastly know that whatever situation you are in you have created it and you and only you have the power to change it. You can ask for strength end guidance but you are the one that can act upon it, so… just do it.

Blessings of love and light always,

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