A Walk Around the Lake

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This is the first day of living after a terrible stomach virus took me down for the count! Slowly I re-entered the world, sipping on some coffee and allowing the unseasonably warm February air bathe over my achey body.

Once I felt energy returning, I decided to take a walk around the lake. Everything felt so amazingly new. The sky was the bluest I’ve seen in a long time. The air crisp, clean and fresh. It just plain ole’ felt good to be alive.

With all these thoughts swirling in my head it made me wonder…do we get sick in order to appreciate life to the fullest? The day after a bed stricken illness usually makes me feel like I’ve been reborn.

How about you?

I tell my clients all the time that struggle is a part of life and the greatest lessons come from the most daunting “tests” we go through. We aren’t just graded on the fact that we get through the tests but on how we handle ourselves through those trying times. Did we maintain faith, composure, grace, and a loving compassionate nature? Or did we turn into a seething heliomonster?

Struggle is a part of life and reality, suffering is optional. It is all in the way you look at what has been presented to you.

Here’s to seeing event the tests as wonderful opportunities. Take it as a lesson, take it as a test, everything that happens, happens for the best!


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