“Love Lights” Healing Art

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“Love Lights” are where Science and Spirit meet, with Alchemy being the bridge between the two. It has been found that by using a balance of metals, light, crystals and good intent, one can attract prosperity. Each unique Love Light has been layered with 24k Gold, Silver and Copper dust. The dust will flake off onto you and your golden energy will positively affect those around you.

All Healing Artwork pieces are created with the Law of Attraction in mind in order to address aspects of the human condition: wealth, health, love, wisdom, joy, guidance etc. Each piece may be furthered charged by its owner for specific affirmations but their primary intention of pure positivity is sealed and cannot be altered.

These “White Light” crystalline designs are created by artisan Sir Edward-Michael. Through the alchemical process, the artwork absorbs a higher state of consciousness and then radiates positivity. Sir Edward and a group of dedicated Knights have the goal to spread love and positive reasoning around the world, one Love Light at a time.

To better understand where Sir Edward draws his knowledge and expertise from, you may want to read his biography, “When Angels Dreams” and “U-Knighted We Stand” authored by Sophia West (available on Amazon.com).

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