What Is Your Goal?

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What’s your spiritual goal? Eradication? Or Balance?

We have all volunteered to be on Earth at this time to be way-showers. To be change makers. To be Light Bearers.

I believe we are here to help shift the consciousness; to tip the scales. It has begun. Victory is on the horizon as the forces of light are reclaiming “ground” which was lost long ago to ignorance and forced sleep.

Keep in mind however, mankind’s elevation is not to be achieved by eradicating the darkness, but by bringing the light and dark back into BALANCE. This is what will propel human consciousness forward and save the world.

First we must acknowledge that both the light and the dark dwells within each of us. There will always be both. Always. The universe was created out of duality and that duality it must exist in.

Then every day we must strive to stay in balance and make conscious choices through love and understanding. Each of us is responsible for our own reality.
You are the world’s condition.

You are the change.

Only love can truly save the world.

I asked myself, “Is the darkness capable of Love?” Then I was taken to the top of a mountain on a moonless night and told to look up into the heavens. A voice whispered, “…for the darkness so loved the light, it gave itself up to hold the stars in place.”

Only love can save the world.

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