Are You Walking Your TALK

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Are You Walking Your TALK?
Or someone else’s from past programming?


Just STOP!

Please just stop, and take a breath. Take a slow, deep breath.

Citizens of this country, and of the world for that matter, are by far more reactionary instead of being responsive. A beautiful breath, the gift from God, is the crucial missing link between a knee-jerk reaction (which could later make one look like a fool, hence the “jerk” part) and a well-thought-out response.

This latest, but ongoing, debacle of the flag debate is what has brought this entry to life for me.

It truly is not about the flag or any country’s anthem, who we elected (Really? Yes, really! We only had the choice of the lesser of two evils, Satan or the Devil), disrespecting the country, or the blessed souls who fought so hard to give us the right to utter words out loud and proud, which, by the way, should sometimes just stay inside our own heads and not be given voice for others to hear.

It’s about self-respect.  It’s about Walking your TALK, not hiding behind shallow words or joining the “crowd” just to make a statement.

Take a moment to ask inside. To give yourself permission to be quiet and still. To listen. What do you hear? What is hurting you so deeply that you cannot, or will not, see another’s point of view? Hurt that we carry is so damaging. Not just to oneself, but to the world. Yes, the world. YOU are responsible for the state of the world. Not the person you are pointing your finger out to, but the person who has three fingers pointing back. YOU!

Fix you! It starts by looking within and admitting, yes, admitting, that there just might be a thread or a smidge of validity in someone else’s opinion. I know it is a hard concept, but know this as well…your view point isn’t all your fault. You have been programmed since birth to form the neuro pathways and thought patterns you have now. You have also been manipulated to think the way you do. And once again, like I said before … it isn’t all your fault that you have been programmed. It is, however, your fault if you continue to choose to see your opinion as the only one and the world the way you see it now.

The “Fall from Grace” eons ago was the spark that led to the cataclysmic point we find ourselves in. We had the free will and chose to “separate.” That is when judgement began and “sides” were born.

Believe it or not, in any given situation, there are a minimum of four sides with a multitude of perspectives to any issue, not just two, and certainly not just one, as most protestors on either side of a position will believe, and unfortunately fight for.

Let’s use the Yin/Yang from Chinese culture to partially illustrate this concept.

Yin is depicted as the black area on the symbol and represents the passive, negative force and Yang is depicted as the white area on the symbol and represents the active, positive force. Each force as shown on its symbol has a wee little dot of the other within its area. According to the Yin/Yang theory, people should be able to detect the energy of both forces in everything that surrounds them, their food, nature, relationships etc. This is where balance exists, with a little of both in every aspect of life, not the eradication of one, or the other.

Now suppose for a moment in a debate, Yin is “side one,” and Yang is “side two.” Visualize the symbol and see it in its entirety.

That “whole” symbol is “side three,” or the point of view of seeing merit in both sides. Going deeper into this illustration, now visualize the Yin/Yang as a sphere. It is a 3-D object and can be viewed 360 degrees up, down, sideways etc. This is the Observer’s point of view, “side four.” No attachment to either side, just neutrality.

Imagine now that this sphere is floating in space and being held by the gravity of the Universe and the force of gravity represents the loving embrace of God, holding every perspective in place, loving it all, and not standing in judgement. The Ultimate transcendence of perspective. Unconditional Love-that is God. If we were to draw lines representing the meridians of longitude and latitude on our Yin/Yang sphere and place people to stand circling each line, the perspective or sides would be INFINITE!

See where I am going with this? There is no “right” or “wrong.” There just is. And we are supposed to watch and learn and grow from it all.

If God is love and we are made in God’s image, then we were created to personify love.

Think we can start behaving accordingly?

God gave ALL humans free will to choose. Who do any of us think we are to take that away from another person, race, culture, belief, gender, etc.?

Let’s wake up and be more tolerant and accepting and show love and kindness to everyone. God does. No matter which side you are on. God only loves.

Do Tolerance, Acceptance, Love and Kindness just serve as vocabulary words in your life? Or are you embodying the concepts and doing your best to be the change the world needs right now?



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  1. Love your blog Lady Sophia, Thanks for sharing it with us!

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