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When I was first handed the memoirs of Sir Edward Jagen, by the man himself, I was a bit overwhelmed. I knew his story. Lived part of it with him as a co-volunteer, a co-author, a co-presenter, but most of all as a friend.

As I read through the pages of his diaries and journals, I was struck with emotion. THIS is exactly what the world needs to hear. This is also going to be very difficult, piss a lot of people off, and possibly set some people to demonize us.



Again, THIS is exactly what the world needs. There is nothing but pure light and love in the book, but yet the belief systems of some and the egos of some will question and try to cast doubt into the minds of potential readers so they don’t get the book.

Am I worried? Heck to “H” no! I believe the people who are meant to read this book and wake up from the slumber of past programming will find their way to it, no matter what. And then … and then great things will happen!

Check back the end of September for a free e-book download in honor of Archangel Michael’s feast day!

Peace and all good!

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