When Angels Dream, Book of the North

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Enter the incredible real life world of Edward Jagen, an award-winning police intelligence detective who, with angelic guidance, develops expert investigative skills on route to saving humanity.

After drowning on Jupiter Beach at age 8, little Eddie Jagen is given a chance to come back to life by accepting a mission to be the legs for a great angel. The two work together to uncover a long-lost truth and wisdom of the ages while positively intervening in historic events that change the course of humanity. Jagen’s astonishing world is filled with secret undercover plots, infiltration of terrorist organizations, and unstable alliances—all the while hoping to find a special baby girl with the initials M.V. Stakes are high for Jagen, as you follow his miraculous story from the lowest lows – birth in a Chicago hospital toilet, to the highest highs – the White House. This is a spellbinding thriller and must read if you want to gain the lost wisdom of the ages and see the spirit of tenacity at its best.

In deciding whether or not to follow Sir Edward on his journey with the great Archangel Michael, ask yourself a few questions: • Am I longing for something more in my life? • Is there something I cannot quite articulate, but which I am certain exists as part of my destiny? • Am I at a loss as to not only what it is, but where to find it? If you answered yes to those questions, there is a good reason for that. You are like most of the 7 billion humans living on planet earth not living life to its potential. Why? Because there is a lost knowledge, a God-given aspect of humanity that has purposely been hidden from our race. Throughout the ages those in power have kept the truth hidden from the masses. You have been held in a captivity of mediocrity. It’s time now for humans to wake up and claim their power. This book is crucial if you want to connect to the potentiality that is innately yours. Jagen is sharing his life and near death experience as a vehicle to your personal awakening. After drowning he learned that life does not end at physical death. When the brain stops a portion of our spirit, the mind that has recorded our life, continues into an afterlife in a fifth dimension. Your spirit crosses over only with the knowledge, understanding and deeds you recorded during the life you led. Realization that you didn’t live up to your true potential commences as does regret. That’s when you wish for another chance at life, a second chance that is rarely given. Laced within Jagen’s amazing life story, the Angel revealed many truths to him as they honed a clear level of communication. Once Edward’s understanding matured, he gained the respect of an Ascended Master and channeled the lost Book of Wisdom containing 53 detailed lessons, exercises and 15 ancient laws of the ‘Knowing’. These lost lessons are the keys that will unlock the reader’s mind and potential.

After all is said and done, you will awaken with a renewed happiness and purpose in life. You may find that you are one of the legendary 144,000 Light Bearers of Truth. God bless you and your journey of illumination.

When Angels Dream, Book of the North has been published and is available on Amazon.com.


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