Global Wellness Meditation

Global Wellness Meditation kicks off on Monday, March 16, 2020 – 7:30pm EST live via Zoom (see invitation link at the bottom of page). Join like-minded compassionate individuals from around the world in this concentrated effort to balance and heal the world. After the live event also focus on the meditation mandala at 7:30pm in your time zone. Pass it on…

You are invited to take part in the next Global Wellness Mandala Meditation. Please mark your calendar and forward this email to all your friends.

Download you copy of the mandala HERE
Print out the mandala and focus on the center for three minutes. After you are done meditating, for extra energy output, place a crystal, a statue of the Blessed Mother, and angel or a positive loving figure that you resonate with, in the center of the mandala. Before placing, take your object and hold it at your heart while allowing all the compassionate love and healing to flow into it. Place the object in the center of the mandala and leave it until the next

This meditation sequence has been developed because of the ripple effect it produces. We start as a group, live, where anyone can join in but it is not mandatory, then time zone to time zone people will meditate in successive bands across the globe. The energy will build like a wave getting stronger and stronger as it flows in and around the earth. Due to the increased vibration and wave-like effect of the energy, the results will be an increase in healing frequency for up to 48 hours after the meditation. Consequently as the vibration passes through each time zone it shifts each and every living things on the planet. As we do this each week, the goal is to set a continual pulse of prayerful intention to heal the Earth and her inhabitants.

If need arises, alerts will be sent out to do weekly meditations. Sign-up here to receive email alerts.

Future Dates

Every Monday until further notice…